Voksen skole

These are some of the projects from Voksen School, Oslo, where I have been teaching since 2006

The Voksen Elk

Every single pupil, teacher and assistant at Voksen school had the chance to participate in this project, which greets visitors at the main entrance to the school. 10,200 milk carton tops were used.

The Voksen Elk

Main entrance lobby

Star signs

The computer room, where the curtains are often drawn. The installation allows many thousand pinpricks of light, but no more. These were made by drilling in plywood

Star signs (detail)

Made 2009 with a year 6 class.

Oslo 2044

A cross-curricular project looking at town planning and architecture. The council plans to build Oslo higher, closer and greener. This is our vision of where we are going

Oslo 2044 (detail)

Close up. Made in 2013-2014 with year 7.

Class pictures 1958 - 2018

Every class picture that has been taken is on display. My colleague Ann Mari Gulbrandsen organised all the pictures, I made the frames.

Targets for (snow)balls

Two of several groups of targets

Wise words project

To celebrate Voksen School's 50th birthday Sissel Zack and I invited every class (21 in all) to come with suggestions for sayings relevant to the school. These were then turned into ceramic tiles by the pupils, with our help. The framing was my work. Again, every pupil was involved (approx 550).

Wise Words project

Translation: The most beautiful flower in the world is the smile

Wise Words project

Lobby of years 4,5,6 block

Wise Words project

Translation: we reach out a hand in friendship

Wise Words project

Side entrance to main building

Wise Words project

Translation: Knowledge nourishes the soul

Wise Words project

Gym. Translation: courage in your breast, sense in your head, steel in your bones

Wise Words project 2008

Corridor outside wood workshop. Translation: A rushed job is a ruined job

Wise Words project 2008

Outside the music room. Translation: practice makes perfect (literally: practice makes a master)