Drawing games

One of my favourite drawing games is to build up an image together with another person, each taking a turn of 1-5 minutes to make their additions/alterations. The idead comes from Marjorie and Brent Wilson who have spent much of their lives researching children's drawing. They have concluded that learning to draw occurs in a social context - that we learn to draw with and inspired by others. Informed by the Wilsons' ideas, when I draw with children I try to alter my style to approach theirs, simplifying, but always trying to be just enough ahead technically that they are inspired to stretch their own drawing skills. And not so technically accomplished that the child feels disheartened or discouraged (or in awe). Train journies are great opportunities for drawing, as is waiting for food to arrive in cafes/restaurants.

With Millie

Almost Xmas

With Nikolai

On the train to Scotland. Taking turns to add/adapt/alter.

With Finn & Ben

Creative silliness

With Gabriel (L) & Millie (R)

Gabriel and I have made a long series of drawings where one of us draws a character in life-threatening situations, whilst the other draws/saves their life. The story is invariably chaotic and ridiculous.

With Gabriel & Millie

Building on and adapting each other's drawings

With Finn

Finn decided to draw a submarine. We took turns of 2-3 minutes to add to, adapt and alter each other's drawing