International Women's Day 2018

A poster aimed specifically at young women in primary school, inspired by #metoo. The text, roughly translated is: GIRLS: Speak out! Don't just be nice and kind, tell the world what's on your mind!

A leaving gift for Bjørg

Bjørg has been headmistress at Voksen skole for 20 years. The image celebrates some of her many achievements as 'circus band conductor'.

Snart jul (nearly Christmas)

Another poster for BKensemble, advertising their Christmas concert in 2017, using cut-out snowcrystals.

Something Old, Something New

A carved image (in ash) for a concert by BKensemble in 2017.


For New Sussex Opera

Count Ory

For New Sussex Opera


For New Sussex Opera

Faustus Kelly

Edinburgh University Theatre Co. I was told by the director that this was the most popular poster for a production that he could remember - not only were people coming ti the theatre asking for a copy, it was also being removed from walls in pubs, clubs & cafes (nothing to do with the competition at the Festival, obviously!).