Sculpture 1992-1996 (Edinburgh)

Boycott (1994)

To celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh it held an open exhibition named 'Tin'. The boycott of apartheid products began with a tin of sardines and some oranges.

Embrace (1995)

Milestone House hospice for people with HIV was one of my places of work from 1993 - 1996. This piece was commisioned by the parents of Michele, as a memorial.

Footstool 1

One of several anatomical sitting sculptures I made in this period. Chunky, playful and surprisingly comfortable.

Head in the Clouds

The first of a series of three works exploring what it takes to reach those dream castles we build in the air. The wedges which hold the structure together hold some of the answers.This version ended up in Colorado.

Head in the Clouds 2

Commisioned by a hand surgeon in NE England, the content is the same whilst an alternative form is explored.

Sun table

A little commision in spalded sycamore


Liam commisioned this. He asked 'when do you think you could complete this? I've only got three weeks to live'. And he did. Lime.

Supporting Hands

Chunky, playful and also quite comfy for a range of hip widths. Spalded sycamore.

Footstool 3

Part of the Jack Kane Playground, made as resident artist on the Playgrounds Team of Edinburgh District Council. Cast concrete.