Sculpture 2001 – now (Oslo)

Head in the Clouds 3

With the best of intentions, I am sure, I was told repeatedly that I had my teenage head in the clouds. And that this was a bad thing.
Thoreau took a different perspective: "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them." This is ladder to reach those castles.

Head in the Clouds 3

Detail of how the ladder is held together. The 22 wedges are Thoreau's 'foundation'. Rather than having material substance, they are qualities of cooperation - how we can get the work done.

Head in the Clouds

Detail of clouds. My intention with this third version was to emphasise the height - the loftiness of dreams and ideals.

Creepy crawly

One of a seires of 'experiential chairs' commisioned by the Dokka Delta Nature Reserve. This walking bench can sit several, or cater for one lying. My intention was to make reference to nature without being specific. Cedar and 57 birch legs.

Heaven and Hell

Inspired by a story told me by one of my students. Birch, silver sleeves (made by jeweller Naomi James) and stainless steel. 2.7m high.

Reaching Out

Lime, birch. Ø70cm

Food chain 2

Not dog eat dog but fish eat fish. Marsh birch (myr bjørk) specially selected for its form.

Food chain 3

The first version of this series was ruined by overworking it. Here I simplify, try to bring out the essence.